The Brutal(ist) Attraction of the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Shooting popular tourist destinations is a bitch. Scores of people in the middle of the day, the weather gratuitously unforgiving with blazing sun or torrential downpours. Amongst other things, who else wants to see yet another photo of a tourist hotspot that millions have shot before? Well, thankfully I was more interested in the concrete underbelly of this beast, where tourists don't really tread.

Starting from our drop off zone in Sydney we meandered our way up the east coast in a campervan until there was no further to go for normal vehicles. During our time there, we visited the Sydney Opera House, the most photographed building in the Australia, if not the world.

Now, I learnt some interesting things about the Sydney Opera House (official website here), here's a few that made a lasting impression:

  • They had commissioned the design based on some rough hand drawn sketches (really!)
  • They had no idea how to actually build the structure when they started (concrete seemed a good plan)
  • It has a very purple carpet interior in places
  • The outside structure is covered in tiles
  • The interior is pretty much exposed concrete (a brutalist architecture dream come true)

Anyhow, we hit it in the blazing sun and grabbed one of the tours for the full lowdown and a look inside this modern day world heritage site.

Time to avoid those tourists.