European Bugin Roadtrip 2013 / Photo Video Diary

Last year I managed to get European Bug-In 2013 in Chimay, Belgium. I had been told that European Bug-In is the absolute dogs bollocks of VW festivals. It happens bi-annually and as part of Rothfink, it was our customary duty to go... anyhow, we had a lot of teeshirts, flyers and merch to get out there!

We left sunny (ahem) Cardiff on Thursday morning after being picked up by J's Rustbus (a 1960s high-top ex-Norwegian Army Ambulance) and we started our descent to the channel tunnel in a 3 vehicle convoy. We were lucky, no major breakdowns, just the fact that we had to stop for fuel every two hours as the fuel gauge on the Rustbus didn't work and the fact that we couldn't switch the engine off (even while refuelling) as 'some' switch had gone!

Other than that, everything went swimmingly until we hit Belgium. Belgium roads to be precise. Holy Shit! You think we have problems with roads in the UK, well you haven't seen anything! There are potholes the size of humans on the motorway, and when you're driving a lowered-suspension 1960s VW with two decent sized gents in the front, things can get a little fraught (see video).

The festival was great and not hindered by Glastonbury-style mud for the first day or so. One long party. We surfaced each day about 2pm before finally getting our arse in gear and down to the main festival arena. We kinda gatecrashed, but it was fun! Lots of impromptu shoots, met lots of awesome people. The atmosphere was fantastic and I / we'll be back in 2015.

Make sure you check the video at the bottom of the page too!


Bit of a mashup from our time at the 2013 European Bug-In VW festival in Chimay, Belgium.
Shot on iphone / nikon D800. Music by Secondson.

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