Location: Boys Village

boys village -

This place has been a firm favourite amongst the South Wales photographic community for some time. Alternative models, adventurous urbex and rurex photographers through to Charlotte church and the BBC have shot at this unique location. 

Its a great spot not far from St Athans in the Vale of Glamorgan and was, as the name suggests, a holiday camp for boys from the 1930s onwards. You can read a bit more in depth here about the history of interested. 

I stumbled across the site on a Sunday cruise with the family in 2009. We liked (and still do) to get lost and explore random places, and I kind of knew the approx location but had no actual idea how to get here. When we did actually finally find it, the light was dipping fast. I quickly grabbed my camera and quickly captured some 'aide memoires'. These are those shots - some way below par on a photographic sense but nonetheless help piece the place together. I've always meant to head back for an actual shoot, but strangely, it's never quite been right. 

Apparently this place is still standing! Rumours of its demise were obviously gravely exaggerated.