Woof - by Sherman Theatre

Woof - by Sherman Theatre

Recent theatrical promotion image for Sherman Theatre’s upcoming play, Woof.

“Woof is about two men in love. Two men who are writing their own rules on what it means to be in a relationship. After a whirlwind year together pressures begin to build from people around them, threatening to destroy the bond they’ve built. Can they form their own path in a world that is all too ready to pave that route for them?

Woof is a gritty new play written by Elgan Rhys and directed by Gethin Evans, both of whom have been nurtured by Sherman Theatre’s artist development schemes. This raw and blistering drama will have you questioning your perception on what a ‘normal’ relationship can be.”

By Elgan Rhys
Director Gethin Evans
Designer Elin Steele
Lighting Designer Katy Morison
Sound Designer Sam Jones

Woof is running from 31st January until 9th February 2019.

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